Hi, my name is Nina and I’m the founder of Tint London. Some of you have met me in person in Covent Garden where I run my market stall. As a founder I juggle variety of different roles and I am sure if you interact with the brand in any way you would be in touch with me. I have graduated from University of the Arts in London where I worked on developing variety of creative projects one of them being shoes which I decided to explore further by starting this brand.

The way in which I see Tint London is like my baby. I love experimenting with it and constantly testing different colours, styles, fit making sure that from each test I learn something new and make it better. 

Tint London
Tint London

I love to experiment with leather, there is so many different qualities and types and I try to use them in specific ways to make the most of the way how it feels.  I test every single style (using my feet) to make sure that shoes are equally comfortable as they are good looking.

People often ask me where do I find inspiration for colours, and it really comes from all different places. I’m a big foodie and totally in love with flowers so a lot of style colours are inspired with delicious desserts and bouquets that I get from local flower market. 

Process of creating shoe style starts with a sketch and then a mock up or prototype that I create, often I would draw directly on the last as I love 3D part of it, something that can’t be achieved with a drawing. And after that sample shoe style would be made based on it. I would wear that style for few days around the house testing it out for comfort and after that every item is put together by our professional craftsmen’s who take care about every small detail. 

Our brand moto is to bring fashion, luxury and style to our collections by combining creativity and modernity.

The brand prides itself on high quality and comfort, ensuring our customers benefit from superior product than any other on the market.

Tint London

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